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East Village Blues

Brian Holden: East Village Blues

Well....I guess it was time for a new record....I had been sitting around writing songs, and came up with a few I wanted to share.....I was always used to seeing 10 or more songs on a CD, but I was feeling like we are all so bombarded with so much media that people are beginning to have shorter attention spans....myself included....After talking it over with a few friends, I decided to just put out a 4 song EP, and do it more often so I can stay fresh in the minds of you music lovers !....After doing some demos of the songs, I started thinking about how I started my carreer as a singing drummer, and decided to play drums on these tracks.....then I thought about bass guitar, and that I'd always played my own bass parts on the demos, so why not be the bass player on the record ?.....Anyway....I ended up playing guitar, bass, drums, and vocals on this record, and it was great fun !.....I'm very happy about how things turned out, and I hope you enjoy my music !


Holden: Holden

I had an idea for some time to make an R&B roots recording, so I started writing songs with that flavor in mind. I then took my home demos to my old friend Bill Buckingham of "Palace Studios". Bill is a brilliant musician/producer/ engineer, and he was keen on the project. I knew I was in good hands, and these 10 songs are the end result.

I’m very proud and happy of how this record turned out and would like to thank everyone who was involved.

This recording is dedicated in loving memory of my Dad, Alan Holden. I hope you enjoy it.

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